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I have saved my changes into the catalog in Transport request. But after sometimes it is very difficult to identify the Transport request, where catalog changes have been saved. This requirement arises when there is a catalog changes mismatch across the system.

In this blog we will identify the Transport request step by step.

Important Points:

  1. /ui2/FLPD_CUST : TCode for Launchpad Designer

  2. /ui2/FLPCM_CUST : TCode for FLP Content manager

  3. SE16 : Data Browser

  4. SE11 : ABAP Dictionary Maintenance

  5. Table : WDY_CONF_USERT

  6. Table : E071K

Steps to Identify the changes in a catalog and Transport request that includes changes in this catalog.

  1. Go to The TCode - /ui2/FLPCM_CUST (FLP Content Manager) or /ui2/FLPD_CUST and launch the FIori launchpad designer,  find the catalog name. (ex.: Custom catalog - ZFAP_BC_MASTER_CATALOG).

       2. Go to TCode - SE16 in Gateway client and open the table - WDY_CONF_USERT.

       3. Provide your catalog name in Description Field. Ex (*ZFAP_BC_MASTER_CATALOG*), and Execute.

       4. You will get 2 entries. Take the second one and copy the config ID. ex:                                                                                                     Z93CE244D23AEDD9322DDC62E6ABCDCAB.

       5. Again Go the TCode - SE16 and Open the Table - E071K, in the tabKey Field / Object  Name Field, enter  the *Config id* (ex: *Z93CE244D23AEDD9322DDC62E6ABCDCAB*) and click on execute button.

       6. Display the table entries and you will see the Task/Request.

       7. Go to the TCode - SE01, specify the Task, You will see the Transport request.



At the end of the blog you can identify the transport requests that includes the changes to an specific catalog.

Keep learning & Keep Sharing.
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