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Cloud Platform Integration for Data Services (CPI-DS) is delivered with IBP as a preffered integration tool to send and receive data to/from IBP. However, there are scenarios where CPI-DS cannot send the data to the end system, like in case of BW4HANA, where CPI-DS does have the capability to send data to BW4HANA datastores (I will cover this in my next blog post). In cases like these we can use Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) to send the data.


After going through this blog post till the end you will be able to fetch data from IBP and send it to CPI.



1. Create an iflow in CPI to send the data to end system (eg. BW4HANA).

2. Deploy the iflow and get the endpoint url, which we will use in CPI-DS to create the datastore.


3. Create a datastore of type "SOAP Web Service" and enter the CPI wsdl URL.

4. Test your connection once data store is created.

5. After the test connection is successful, you will be able to import the structure in CPI-DS.

6. Create a new project in CPI-DS.(IBP_BPC_StatisticalForecast in my case)

7. Create a task "T_IBP_CPI_StatisticalForecast"

8. Create a data flow inside the task

When you will create a new dataflow you will find "Target_Web_Service_Call" and "outputLoader"

Do the necessary transformation and make sure in the transform type "XML Map" has iteration rule applied to child node of xml

9. Finally your flow will look something similar to this.

10. Save and run the flow.

11. Check in Monitor Message Processing in CPI if you see a hit there. (Once the test connection is successful it will always hit CPI and for any error in posting the data in end system you will see that flow fails in CPI-DS)



Here you have seen how to pull records from IBP using CPI-DS and send it to CPI and from here this can be delivered to multiple end systems. This approach comes handy when CPI-DS cannot interact with the end system directly.

Please check product availability matrix for CPI-DS before you plan your integrations -

Happy Learning.

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