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IAS for ONB2.0 New Hires - 1

IAS for ONB2.0 New Hires - 2

Once the configurations explained in the previous articles is completed, you are expected to set up few transformations .

I did not perform any transformations in source, but following are few transformations used in the target system.

  • Below transformation under default userType mapping to set the user type in the IAS profile of user.

  • Below transformation is used to define the target URL (your SuccessFactors URL).

  • Next is to define if the user should receive emails or not.

In my case both regular users and onboardees are expected to receive emails, so both are                true, but if you do not want the regular users to receive any kind of welcome emails but only                the onboardees should receive email, you can set the first condition below as false.

  • Similar setup for mailVerified. (Set it according to your requirement)

  • You can also define separate welcome email template for onboardees using the code below. For this you must first create a separate email template set in IAS and then use its ID as a constant in below transformation.

The new email template set can be configured in IAS>Applications & resources >E-mail          template.


  • Following transformation is to route the new hires to SF application in IAS.

You will get the application ID from the URL of the application section when you select the                  SuccessFactors application.

This was suggested earlier by SAP to route the external users to correct application in IAS. (Not sure whether this is needed anymore post Dec 2022. You can test it at your end and let me know 😊)


  • Also, don’t forget to maintain the Home URL of the application


Test using IPS job simulation, the regular users should sync as expected per requirement.

To test the onboarding, onboard an employee and once the initiate onboarding is triggered and the task reaches the employee, the onboardee details should sync in real time to IAS and will see an entry with login name as per the generate username rule configured above and the names of the onboardee with userType=Onboardee.

Once the employee is hired in manage pending hire and is converted as Employee in SuccessFactors, the same gets updated in IAS in next IPS job run.


Thanks for reading, so... if I miss something or have configured something wrong, please let me know. 🙂



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