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I have noticed an alarming trend here in the Cloud Computing space: People not doing their homework, not enabling themselves, then asking for documentation on myriad topics.



What is going on here? Asking someone for documentation is a strictly amateur move and it immediately signals that:

1) The partner you work for has not empowered you to gain the information you need through the Business Center

2) You think that I am available to do your job for you, and have a vast wealth of documentation that I will freely share with anyone who asks.

If #1 is your issue, take it up with your boss.

If #2 is your issue, I am extremely scared of the solutions you will eventually build.

I don't even think it's technically legal for me to provide you with documentation you don't already have access to.

Being an 'elder statesman' in SAP's cloud world, I expect to get some rookie questions headed my way. Fine. I was once a rookie too, and I am happy to help. This week alone I have answered dozens of questions on the SCN, and several more through my personal email. I have also held several web meetings where I have graciously offered my time an expertise to guide a peer through their issues, and I have physically gone into a Customer's office to freely advise them on their botched ByDesign implementation.

Here's what it boils down to:

Ask a specific question.

Get a specific answer.

Don't ask for documentation.

Be a professional.

Am I coming from a radically new view point, or has this always been a problem? Discuss.

Feel free to answer me The Twitterz @JudsonOnDemand

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