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Requirement- How to Create Hyperlink in SAP Web Intelligence Report or, How to link between two documents in (3.x or 4.x)


·        Create two reports in Web Intelligence and export both into the Repository.

·        Take on example, the First report shows the sales value and quantity for all the states (in aggregate) and second report shows the sales values detail for the particular selected state.

·        To create Hyperlink in first report, open Infoview or LaunchPad and open the WebIntelligence document .

.        Just click on the report elememts tab which shown above > click on document or hyperlink tab.
.        Select the Object that is to be linked with the second report then RIGHT CLICK –> Hyperlink –> New
·        A new window will open for creating hyperlink as shown below, select Link to document tab

·        Click Browse, select the second report and select ok.

·        Select Refresh on open option under Hyperlink properties in Create Hyperlink Window and select the options like: (you want to open in same window or new window).

·         Then the report will open, as hyperlinks for the object that is selected.

·        Click the link from Infoview or LaunchPad, which leads to second report after a confirmation from default web browser. Click Ok.

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