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Hi All, so many of us are interested in Trending things. So in this blog, I will talk briefly about one such Digital Trend of 2020, Hyper Automation.

Robots are changing our lives for a long time, they do all the tedious or repetitive tasks for you, they Automate the tasks for you. In IT you may call them Robots or preferably the Bots. They are everywhere now getting smarter day by day & making life easier for us.

What is this new Jargon?

Now you will ask, we know this Automation thing, bots and they have been for quite long in the market. What is this new jargon," Hyper Automation " that's trending in SAP?

Hyper Automation is a solution that's being provides a new generation of bots, that are smarter have various tools attached to them which make them smarter and drastically decrease task execution time. Now they not only do a task but they do it smartly, in the least possible time & make them capable of doing some task which was not possible earlier.

To be precise in terms of SAP, hyper-automation is now achievable by the combination of various technologies such as SAP's Intelligent robot-based process automation (iRPA), the new capabilities of Intelligent business management software (iBPMS), Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning(ML). In short, now bots have become more capable.

What exactly we may see now?

A lot of talk about hyper-automation, but what actually we may expect. What will we get actually, lets a assume the below scenario :

  1. We  Interact with a smart, NLP (Natural Language Processing), AI-enabled chatbot connected with other iBPM capabilities, which will be the interface to the user. You will chat with the bot about your requirement, it will analyze & understand.

  2. Which will then be handed over to a suitable Execution bot which will be well trained for the job & will finish the task for you on the most efficient way possible.

  3. Not only this process will include self-learning, adaptions to various scenarios & exceptions, thanks to the Machine Learning capability.

What is Intelligent Business Management?

Its basically a family of services to digitize workflows, automate business processes, manage decision logic and gain end-to-end process visibility.

Let's discuss these services in brief :

SCP Work Flow

It provides Quick orchestration of tasks that span across people, applications, and organizations. Can be connected to bots for a fresh execution experience.

SCP Process Visibility

It provides End-to-end visibility into processes that run in cloud, on-premise & in hybrid environments. Correlate, compare, find bottlenecks, predict issues, the list is long.

SCP Business Rules

It provides the capability to Author, extend and automate decisions. Basically, give users the power to manage business logic independently from application development. Can be deployed almost everywhere & have Fiori capability.

Note: Want to know more about them, I will share a Deep dive blog on these soon, keep following me for the same.


SAP Intelligent RPA pre-built content

Automating S/4HANA – 70+ bot samples to implement Best Practices

  • Finance

  • Sourcing & Procurement

  • Sales

  • Production

  • Professional Services

  • Data Management

Many more solutions to make you Hyper Automation Enabled with minimal development time.


So, it really is a good thing that's coming in SAP & should be leverage for efficient business execution. Things are easy to implement, widely provide a no-code approach for helping functionals. Templates for rapid implementation. Will share a detailed blog soon it covering what all things you can use right away, with detailed benefits of it over the existing solutions. So, keep following me for the same.
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