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Figure 1 Source: SAP

This was from SAP TechEd last month, presented by ingo.hilgefort

Figure 2 Source SAP

Customers investing in hybrid

Figure 3 Source SAP

Hybrid is the normal approach

Figure 4 Source SAP

Difference between live and import data connectivity

Live - real time data, every single time

Import - data is moved into the cloud

Figure 5 Source SAP

Using live connectivity, leverage BW queries and authorizations; leverage BW assets of a BW query - the recommended way to go from SAC to on premise BW

Benefit of import is you can use smart assist feature

Figure 6 Source SAP

Important back end recommend for BW

Figure 7 Source SAP

Common request is the ability to blend information - key element of live connectivity

For example, BW data blend with a spreadsheet

Figure 8 Source SAP

Time series - revenue by month, quarter, weeks, days - has feature of forecast

Date range filters provide more flexibility in choosing date/time ranges

Figure 9 Source SAP

Create geo maps against live BW data

Figure 10 Source SAP

Data Analyzer - connect to BW, choose BW query, and then user chooses measures, dimensions - can do this at run time - live out of BW

Figure 11 Source SAP

Variance version based - actual and planned data

Use IBCS to color code variance

Columns in black (actual) and others show a pattern

Top shows variance (green/red)

Figure 12 Source SAP

Query merging is important for performance

Revenue by country

Cost by country

Instead of asking for 2 queries, do one query that brings back revenue/cost by country - save overhead

Figure 13 Source SAP

Ability to use in cell charts, interesting from visualizations

Figure 14 Source SAP

Completely changed the prompting UI

Can use copy and paste

Multiple prompt values in a text file, select, copy and paste them into the UI of SAC

Search and reference attributes


Unsupported features for live SAP BW:

SAP BW version dependencies for features of SAP Analytics Cloud:

Required note for latest features of SAP Analytics Cloud:

Source: SAP

SAP Analytics Cloud: Live connectivity with universes

Figure 15 Source SAP

Universe acts as a semantic layer

Leverage these investments from SAC

Figure 16 Source SAP

Leverage metadata from universe from SAC

Figure 17 Source SAP

Search to insight; search across the data, metadata, ask the question "what is the revenue for 2020 in Canada" and it will suggest the answers

Augmented BI - smart discovery, automated insight on top of data

Predictive - time series

Figure 18 Source SAP

SAC - cloud based, everything in one environment, no patching

Can use Web Intelligence as a data source in SAC

Can use the Analytics Catalog as single point of entry for your users

Figure 19 Source SAP

Can publish from BusinessObjects system to the analytics catalog

Figure 20 Source SAP

Data does not leave the corporate network

Figure 21 Source SAP

Access to existing assets, reuse existing assets, and experience smart insights with SAC

Figure 22 Source SAP

Access to Web Intelligence with SAC

Figure 23 Source SAP

List of limitations, currently working on

Limitations are not permanent, working on closing these items


Link to the replay (logon is required)

Link to slides


Learn more in SAP’s ingo.hilgefort  new book, Mastering SAP Analytics Cloud, Empower your Business Users, is now available at Amazon.  It’s a comprehensive book, 991 pages long, covering personas. tutorials, how to use it, how to use it with other SAP products.  I highly recommend this book.  It covers this product as well.  It also includes certification tips for SAP Analytics Cloud.  I posted a review here.  For a limited time, it is $5 off retail price
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