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This Document explains steps how we can Deploy SAP Appbuilder Application for HWC based application .


Tools used in developing the application are:

Appbulider 1.0.1251

Simulator/device: any

We can deploy an Appbuilder application on Sybase control center 2.2 as Hybrid app, we need to follow following steps

1. After deploy application,navigate your kapsel development workspace there find folder name would be same as project name and expend www folder and make some changes into index.html file.

onDeviceReady = function() {

  // Launch application


var oApp = new Application({ root : "myBody" });


2.Suppose if you are using any web service for example oData service etc. then make change in a config.xml file:

                              orgin=https://hostname subdomains="true" />\

3.After that,you use PackagingTool for creating Hybrid application and it will generate one .jar file,The file we have to deploy into Sybase control center.

Packing Tool:

Go to C:\Sybase\UnwiredPlatform\MobileSDK22\HybridApp\PackagingTool, click on packagingtool.bat    


for 32-bit JDK, use packagingtool.bat

for 64-bit JDK, use packagingtool64.bat

4.Select any desired location to place the package of this app

5. Once you click on OK, it will open Hybrid App Packaging Tool

6. Click on New

    • Mention project name (Test)
    • Web Application Folder:folder path for application
    • Mention MBO Package Name: Test
    • MBO Package version: 1.0

7. Once you click Generate, a window will pop up (confirmation message)

8. Open SCC (SAP Control Center).

    • Click on Hyrbid Apps
    • Select Deploy option
    • Browse the file, (if it is valid file, you will see one message says..)

9. Assign this Hyrbid Apps to the registered user.

10. Test With Device

Your comments/suggestions are most welcome.


Shambhu Nath

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