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Business Challenge

As a lot of companys  expands their operations they are increasingly challenged by the complexity of managing applications,servers, storage and networking resources combined with numerous management tools and operational processes that have led to crippling inefficiencies and costs within their organization. Additional servers are used to meet peak demand rather than average demand, these physical dedicated servers are seldom used to full capacity. This increases spend for both hardware and maintenance even as their IT infrastructure remains underutilized. several companies understands the financial and operational benefits of moving to virtualized, shared environment. A lot of companies deploys SAP software mainly  SAP applications as well as SAP HANA and uses Huawei centralized storage. They are under pressure to reduce costs, to maximize infrastructure utilization, minimize risk, and control change by accelerating deployments and increasing the availability of their SAP landscapes. Application owners and project managers must coordinate with IT management to optimize the scheduling and availability of SAP systems to support development, testing, end user training and support. The availability and optimization of such systems often determines whether SAP projects can be delivered on time and within budget. Huawei as one of the main storage player has launched a SAP Lama integration solution in 2018. I would like to share some informtion on it . Huawei Storage Service Integrator(HSSI) for SAP Landscape Manager(LaMa) is a software adapter that integrates Huawei storage with SAP LaMa. Administrators can use SAP LaMa to manage SAP system copies for non-production environment like testing and development, using the SAP LaMa Clone, Copy, Refresh, and Relocate functions. SAP environments can have hundreds of such testing and development systems, so automating this step is a time-saver.   HSSI for SAP LaMa has the following components:

  • HSSI for SAP LaMa Storage Adapter , which is deployed as a storage manager in SAP LaMa

  • Huawei Storage Service Central Manager , which is a web service layer that administrator can use to manage users, storage systems

  • Huawei Storage library , which is deployed as storage integrator physical or virtual host for SAP system provision.

The HSSI Adapter is distributed as a Java Enterprise Archive(EAR) file that complies with SAP LaMa specifications. The adapter, runs in the SAP NetWeaver Java Stack with the SAP LaMa add-on installed   The Huawei Storage Service Central Manager is a standalone web service for HSSI adapter to operate underline storage resources, enable the SAP LaMa system provisioning operations like system clone , copy, refresh, relocate, destroy   The Huawei Storage library is for Host-storage connection protocol ISCSI and FC , SAP host agent use it to attach and detach storage resources.

Compatibility Overview

HSSI is supported with the following storage productions:

  • OceanStor V3 Series

  • OceanStor V5 Series

  • OceanStor Dorado V3 Series

HSSI is supported with:

  • SAP LaMa 3.0

System Requirements & Installation

Installing HSSI requires a server with:

  • Java Development Kit(JDK) 1.7 or later

  • The disk where the operating system is installed must have 1 GB or greater capacity, it is recommended that you reserve more than 5 GB space for the CentralManagement installation directory.

HSSI can be installed on the following Operating system:

  • Windows Server

  • SLES

Additional Documentation

Deployment and Configuration Guide from Huawei:

 If you have any quesions on SAP Lama integration with storage, please post questions regarding SAP Landscape Management here: .
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