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HP Storage plug-in for SAP Landscape Virtualization Management (LVM) is a high-performance and easy-to-use software to manage SAP landscapes in physical, virtual and cloud environments. It enables customers to clone/refresh SAP systems and also relocate them across physical and virtual infrastructure reducing the administrative effort to manage SAP landscape and improve productivity.

It enhances the flexibility in making TEST data consistent with PROD data using task scheduler and provides simple visualization to monitor nad manage SAP systems.

It provides the following -

  • Enables automation for SAP System Clone/Refresh
  • Enables automation for Application re-location/migration
  • Available on HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage and HP XP P9500/XP7 Storage
  • Available on HP-UX, Windows, RHEL and SLES Operating systems

Whats New:

  • Support for SAP LVM 2.1
  • Ease of operation to perform SAP Clone/Refresh/ instance re-location for instances running on multiple VMware vCenter
  • Enhanced flexibility by mapping multiple multiple logical volumes to multiple physical volumes
  • Maintains data consistency by providing the capability for group snapshot across multiple instances
  • Custom scheduler for SAP clones to maintain SLA
  • Provides information on volume groups through SAP LVM UI

Support Matrix:

HP Storage Platform


HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage

VMware vSphere v 5.1 & 5.5
Windows Server 2008R2 SP1 & 2012

RHEL v 6.1, 6.3 & 6.5
SLES 11.0 SP2
HP-UX 11iv3
SAP LVM 2.0HP 3PAR StoreServ StorageVMware vSphere v 5.1
HP XP P9500 StorageWindows Server 2008R2 & 2012
HP XP7 StorageRHEL v 6.1 & 6.3
SLES 11.0 SP2
HP-UX 11iv3

Web Resources:

HP Storage plug-in for SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization Management (LVM) web page and download information

o    Product Page

o    Software download page

o    HP Storage Solutions for SAP

You can download HP Storage plug-in for SAP LVM here -

Additional Resources:

HP Solutions for SAP HANA

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