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Background: For some reporting we use Cognos BI which stages data from BW. To ensure we only load data to Cognos once BW has updated we trigger a scheduled task on a remote server from BW through the process chain. Assuming your BW Servers run under Windows.

Needed file: PSEXEC from Microsoft. (Free)


The file needs to be placed on BW Servers by basis team into the CT Directory and added can be
added to the instance.lst file so it gets copied automatically.

Create the remote command Z_REMOTE_COMMAND
in SM69. The operating command refers to the previously copied PsExec.exe

Now in RSPC you create the OS command after the process you want to trigger your batch file.

The additional parameters define the server you want to connect to with user and pwd information and the scheduled task which you want to trigger. (or the batchfile, exe or whatever you want to remotely execute)

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