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The possibility to send test messages to the Integration Engine is widely known.

If you try to test at 'Component Monitoring -> Adapter Engine' you will get an error. (screenshot )

So how can we send test messages also directly to the Adapter Engine Messaging System?

How can we send a message to "any arbitrary Integrated Configuration" as if this ICO would be triggered by it's configured sender channel?

There are a lot of threads on SCN claiming that this is not possible for the AE. Well, it is.

Here is how you do it:

First you have to create yourself 2 objects in Integration Directory (you need to do that just once)

  • You need a SOAP sender channel that is configured to use the XI protocol

I recommend you create yourself a particular channel that is intended just for sending test messages. It doesn't matter which component the channel belongs to.

  • You also need an Integrated Configuration or Sender Agreement that references the channel

You can choose any (dummy) Interface and Namespace. (If you use an Integrated Configuration then you must, of course, also set Receiver, Receiver Interface and Receiver Channel. You can also use dummies here.)

That's it, we are ready to send test messages

  • go to: Runtime Workbench -> Component Monitoring -> Adapter Engine -> Test Message

(if you are working on 7.30/7.31 single stack then you can still reach Runtime Workbench at


  • use the url


    • for <party>, <service> and <channel> put the values of your SOAP "dummy channel" (not the sender channel of the ICO you actually want to test)
    • make sure you set both colons in <party>:<service>:<channel>, it is mandatory even if you don't have a party
  • set the payload and header values for the interface you want to test, put username and password
  • press "Send Message" 🙂

So far,

Karsten Möhwald

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