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Introduction and warning

Some basis consultants faced with the problem described in note 903220 (Dump CONVT_OVERFLOW), and so did I. Unfortunately, the description of the note is out of date and not applicable for many systems. I have written this post to share my experience that possibly can help you. Bear in mind that this post does not substitute the note and it can be used as a clue to the note. I performed actions mentioned further on Solaris SPARC platform and SAP Solution Manager 7.01 SPS30 (Kernel 7.21) and SAP Host Agent v720.3.81, be careful of using this post for another platform, especially for IBM!

Problem description

Job SAP_COLLECTOR_FOR_PERFMONITOR falls with the status “Canceled”. You see many dumps in ST22 with the following text:

Overflow when converting from "-74188727"

The program "RSHOST2M" was started as a background job.


Job Initiator.. "DDIC"

Job Number..... 10001500

The termination is caused because exception "CX_SY_CONVERSION_OVERFLOW" occurred in procedure "LOG_ON_OSMON" "(FORM)", but it was neither handled locally nor declared in the RAISING clause of its signature.

Using key words from the dump, you have found note 903220, but it is too old for you system and some paths cannot be found.

Let’s get down to business

Logon onto server with user root and change directory to /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/ , give the command “saposcol -kc” as described in the note.

Download the latest SAP archive with Host Agent for your platform and unpack it.

Remove coll.put file in accordance with the second step of the note.

rm /usr/sap/tmp/coll.put

Then update your Host Agent (Note 1031096) that includes saposcol.

saphostexec -install

Giving the command saposcol –l (step 3 of the note) is unnecessary because it will be started right after Host Agent installation. Check that saposcol is running (ps –ef |grep saposcol)

Go to ABAP-part

Start ST03 tcode. Here you can see that the path from the note is different to the path of your system, i.e. in the note the following path is given:

Goto -> Performance database -> Contents of Database

In fact, the same Content can be found here:

Double-click on the marked point.

Click on the button “Delete RELID” and type “OS”

Confirm deletion

Refresh the list

Set a filter on ID field

The list with the filter must is empty.

Restart SAP_COLLECTOR_FOR_PERFMONITOR job or wait until the scheduled time.


This post described main procedure based on Note 903220 and many obvious for basis consultant things were ommited (such as “making a backup”, “granding permissions” and so on). If you are not sure about eliminating the dump in your system, post a question on the forum or create an OSS-message.

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