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Hi All,

This blog post is to understand how we can use the field in script for writing the logic which added using Key User Tool (KUT).

Step 1: With Business user add the field where you want to add. In this case I am adding it on Sales Order. Open tenant in silver light mode. Goto Adapt->Enter Adaptation mode. After Adaptation mode is ON. Click on Adapt->Edit screen. On Right side of screen .Click on Extension Fields. Select the place where you want to add your field. In this case I am adding it on header level as shown in below image.

Step 2: Select the Oder Header and click on Add screen will appear as shown in below image. Select the field type: Text and enter the Field Label and Click on Save.

Step 3:  Select the field which you have created in the above step as shown in below image and then Save and Publish it.

After completing all the above steps. Field will visible as shown below image.

Step 4: If we want to utilize the KUT field in script we need to create Reference to customer-specific field.


  • You cannot reference a customer-specific field in a solution template.
  • You cannot reference a calculated field.
  • You can only reference a customer-specific field in the extension of a business object that has been released in the public solution model (PSM).

Step 5: When we create Reference to Customer-Specific field. Table will appear with all the extend field. Select  field which we have created in above step 1.

Step 6: Now Extend the business object where you we have add the field. In this case it is Customer Quote. Save and Activate the Extended BO .

Step 7: Right click on extended business object click on create script file. In this case I am selecting Root-After Modify Script and write the logic as per your requirement.

Activate the solution and Test the solution.

If any thing is missing please let me know.



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