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The second part of this tutorial, will show you how to install the certificate in the mobile device, in this case, I will install the certificate in my iphone.

For the part 1 of this tutorial use the following link:

How to use the new ONE Support LaunchPad(Ex-Portal) your Mobile devices - Part 1 / 2

1).-  I sended the certificate by mail to my email that is accessible by my mobile device. is important to attach the certificate file (certificate.p12)

2).- When you click in the attachment, the IOS will show the following screen, click on "Install"

3).-  Now you need to type the password that you use to export the certificate from your computer

4).- After the successful installation, you will the the Confirmation screen, press OK to continue.

5).-  Now connect to from Safari and start to enjoy the ONE Support Interface!!!!

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