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Hi All

SAP Release the new ONE Support Launchpad (ex-Portal ) ( that run in HCP with Fiori Style!!

This guide show you how to install a Digital Certificate in your mobile device and access to the new Portal Launchpad from you mobile device without type user/password every time.

For the part 2 of this tutorial use the following link:

How to use the new ONE Support LaunchPad(Ex-Portal) your Mobile devices - Part 2 / 2

1).-  Logon to with Firefox/Iexplorer

2).-  Select the option Single Sign-On with SAP Passports from the left menu and click on the red button "Apply Here"

3).-  The system will ask your OSS Username and password

4).-  In the following screen you need to write your password again and click on "Apply for SAP Passport" button

5).-  Firefox will confirm that the certificate was installed OK

You can check that is installed in the right way going to "Advanced--> Certificates--> Your Certificates

6).- now you need to select the certificate and click on the Backup button   

And select the folder and Name to save the certificate in your desktop

The system will ask you a Certificate Backup Password

7).-  after the successful execution, the system will show you the following screen and you will have your certificate file in your desktop.

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