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When you have build a story or  an application in SAP Analytics Cloud, and you wish for your users to be able to drill in the underlying data, you once in a while face the challenge of having analytical capabilities in the standard SAP Analytics Cloud components.

In this blog post, I will show you how to setup a hyperlink to SAP Anlytics Cloud DataAnalyzer, so your end-users will be able to analyze data from a BEx-query directly in SAP Analytics Cloud.


When you open your SAC-tenant, you will have a URL like this:;view_id=home


if you exchange the last "home" with "dataAnalyzer", you will have a link like this:;view_id=dataAnalyzer

An see a page like this:

You will be able to choose a connection and then a BEx-query.


You also have the option of coding the connection and dataSourceName in the URL, and then inserting a hyperlink in your story, the link should then look like this:;view_id=dataAnalyzer;connection=BW...


And the result could then look like this:

In the Application designer, it is also possible to add a script that will jump to the DataAnalyzer, the script should look like this:



NavigationUtils.openDataAnalyzer("BW1Live", "ZITCH_CP1_Q001", undefined, true);


Conclusion: It is out-of-the-box functionality to use the DataAnalyzer, and it will give you a chance to view your BEx-queries directly in SAP Analytics Cloud without an extra effort. A powerful tool, to substitute Web Templates from BEx and/or templates build in SAP Business Objects Lumira
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