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What is STAD

The Business Transaction Analysis (Transaction STAD) delivers workload statistics across business transactions (that is, a user's transaction that starts when a transaction is called [/n....] and that ends with an update call or when the user leaves the transaction) and jobs.

STAD Alternative Way

My attempt to show you to view historical data which are taken from the STAD transaction for a long time.

The default time period is 48hrs for STAD transaction. We only can analyze data for this time frame. The alternative way to save earlier STAD reports will be discuss here. I think this will be helpful for the administrators to analyse varies issues in their systems.


Run STAD in Background with scheduled  in periodically.

The STAD program is RSSTAT26 which is run in background when we run the STAD transaction.

Step By Step Guide

  • Transaction SE38 and provide the program name RSSTAT26 as in screen. Then execute


  • Then select Program -> Execute in Background



  • Then Select the data time and finally click on periodic values.

  • Then Select the period.

  • Then click on save button on above screen to save the background job.
  • you can see the message for successful background job.

Now creating background job is completed. ++++++++++++++++++++++++

Next step is to check the report which the background job is created.

Then Goto SM37 for background jobs.

Then click on pool icon show on the image.

Click on the icon mentioned under type column.

Then you can see the report for given period.


The report can be customized for user, transaction and more parameter fields. Then the report can be create for specific requirements and historical statistic data.

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