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Hi All,

Recently I have shared a document wherein I have mentioned about refreshing Crystal Reports using MultiTenancy Management tool in BI4.1.

This blog is about refreshing Webi Intelligence Reports, Universes and Connections using Multi Tenancy Management Tool(MTM) in BI 4.1 SP06.

Before we proceed further you would need to follow the steps mentioned in the document: How To Use Multi Tenancy Management Tool(MTM) For Refreshing Crystal Reports in BI 4.1- Part I

Note: If you do not have Crystal Reports to be updated in the tenant template then you would not need to follow the steps mentioned for the CR reports in the above blog.

Here, we will start with the mapping of the Universes with the Webi Reports in the tenant's folder from tenant's template.

So, I will assume that you have followed the above document for creating tenant's template and copied all of the required Connections, Webi Reports and their Universes in the template's folders.

Note: We need to ensure that all of the Webi Reports from the template folders are using the universes from the template's universe folder only. If any webi report is not mapped to any universe then MTM will encounter issues.

I have used BI4.1 SP06 on Windows platform and Oracle 11g database for this testing. I have copied all of the Webi reports, Connections and their Universes in the template folders as mentioned in the document : How To Use Multi Tenancy Management Tool(MTM) For Refreshing Crystal Reports in BI 4.1- Part I

MTM supports mapping of ".UNX" BI4.1SP06 onwards, it also supports mapping of ".UNV".

After copying all the required Connections, Webi Reports and their Universes, we would need to configure file. I have already mentioned all other required information to configure this file in the above document.

Followings are the steps required to configure this file in order to refresh Webi Reports/Universes/Connections:

    1. Change the value of below parameters from false to true:






Note: If you do not have any shared universes/connections then you do not need to specify the above values "optionUseSharedUniverses" and "optionUseSharedConnections". Shared universes and connections are nothing but the universes and connecitons which will be shared between multiple tenants.

    2.  Specify the Reports/Universes/Connections folder templates:



Note: In the above document I have created a tenant template as "$tenant_template$" in CMC and it has the folder(template) structures for                    universes, connecitons and Webi reports as below.

                    Report Template:


                    Universe Template:



                    Connection Template:



Note: "Report Folder 1", Report Folder 2" folders contain the WEBI Reports. "Universe Folder 1", "Universe Folder 2" folders contain the                              universes and $tenant_template$ folder contains the following three connations.



    3. Followings are the paramerts of this file which have to configured to refresh the connecitons:


    4. Now, we will configure the above parameters for the connections:


            As you can see that I have copied three connections in the connection template folder, this is why I have specified the following three connection  details. If you have more connections in the template folder then you would need to specify the DB information for all of them as below.





    5. This is how I have mentioned these parametes in this file:



Note: You would need to specify this information as below.

E.g. ccis.dataconnection.dbcredentials1=ARiyILFu7565Dwf8VolZzqQ;tenantDBN;tenantDB;userABC;Password123

Here, ARiyILFu7565Dwf8VolZzqQ will be the CUIDs of the connections which are present in the template connection folder. tenantDBN would be a Database server name. userABC and Password123 would be the user IDs and passwords used in these connections. As I said if you have multiple connections then you would need to repeat this information for all of the connections as ccis.dataconnection.dbcredentials1, ccis.dataconnection.dbcredentials2, ccis.dataconnection.dbcredentials3  and so on.

    6. After configuring this file, you would need to run the MTM command as mentioned below.


Command: BOInstallDIR\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\java\apps\multitenancyManager\jars>java -jar multitenancymanager.jar -configfile

    7. This command will create the tenant and will copy the Webi Reports, Universes and Connections to the tenant's folders.

Points To Be Noted:

  1. MTM will create the folder structure as created in the template for Reports, Universes and Connections.
  2. MTM will copy the Reports, Universes and Connections from template to the tenant's folders.
  3. MTM will not rename any report, universe and connection, it will use the same names as specified in the templates.
  4. MTM will first update the connections and then it will map the universe to the Webi Reports.

I have tried this on BI4.1 SP06 wherein it has successfully refreshed the connections as I can see that in the MTM logs but it failed while mapping/updating universes with the Webi Reports. :sad:

MTM Logs:

2015-11-27T13:27:46.129+0530Object infoCI_APPOBJECTSTestConn2CCIS.DataConnectionSuccessfully updated object TestConn2 (id=8,609)
2015-11-27T13:27:46.163+0530Object infoCI_APPOBJECTSTestConn1CCIS.DataConnectionSuccessfully updated object TestConn1 (id=8,610)
2015-11-27T13:27:46.194+0530Object infoCI_APPOBJECTSTestConn3CCIS.DataConnectionSuccessfully updated object TestConn3 (id=8,611)

I had three connections in the template and logs have shown that the connections are updated successfully. It failed while mapping the universe to the Webi Report.

MTM Logs:

An error occurred while updating Web Intelligence document HGBSXXXX_Test MTM Report. The detailed error message is ChangeSourceHelper cannot load target DataSource: Test UNV 1 Universe.

I have found an SAP note: 2140459 which says that this is currently under investigation by the SAP Development team. According to this note it happens with the linked universes only whereas I have not used any linked universe for this blog. So I believe this issue is not specific to the linked universes.

I have also got in touch with the SAP support team to check whether this is the same issue or not. I will keep posting once I have any update regarding this issue by the SAP Development team.

I believe once SAP resolves this "ChangeSourceHelper" issue, all of the above steps would be helpful to map/update the Webi reports and Universes using MTM in BI4.1.

To Know More About MTM:

Please refer this guide and following blogs.

Overview of SAP BI 4.x Multitenancy Management Tool by christina.obry.

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