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Use of Merge Transform


Merge transform is basically used to combine multiple incoming data sets to produce a single output dataset with the same schema (structure) as that of the input data set.

Note:- The  structure of the input data sets must be same in order for you to combine them inside merge transform.

In this scenario we will transfer data from 2 flat files to single database table.

1) Create  Job, workflow & dataflow as usual.

2) Add 2 file formats into dataflow.

3) Add 2 queries to dataflow,  connect the file formats to query & do mapping.

4) Do Mapping.

5) Drag a Merge Transform & connect individual queries to it.

6) Add a template table / database table to the dataflow & make it as a target system.

7) Validate & execute the job.

😎 Check the data after execution.

Input data was as follows.


As you can see the data is merged according to our requirement.

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