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Purpose / Issue

SAP Analytics reports default value for Fiscal Year and Posting Period as Current Fiscal Year and Posting Period on the selection screen.

Report Selection Screen Value


Prerequisites –

  • SAP HANA Composite view [ Bring all the fields and KPI ]

  • BW query [ On top of Composite Provider]

  • HANA Exit variable

  • SAP Badi to populate HANA Exit value


 Step 1 –

  • Build HANA Composite view with all relevant details as per your business requirement.

CDS Composite View with all Business Logic

Step 2 –

Build the BEx Query with required selection [ selection Fiscal Year / Period ] using CDS SQL name as Transients Provider.

In BW Perspective Select New Query tick Check Box to Create Query

BW Query Created on top of Composite Provider

BW Query Details

Step 3 –

Create respective selection variable for Fiscal Year and Posting Period in BEx with “Processed By” = HANA Exit.

Create and Add HANA Exit Variable in BW Query

HANA Exit Variable Details for Fiscal year–

HANA Exit for FIscal Year details

For posting Period –

Posting Period HANA Exit Variable details

Step 4 –

In SAP GUI open t-code 18 and enter the HAVA BadI “RSROA_VARIABLES_HANA_EXIT” click on Display

Use T-code SE19 or SE18 for SAP Badi

Step 5 –

Under Implementations create Enhancement Implementation “ZXX_CL_VARIABLE_HANA”

Step 6 –

Inside Enhancement Implementation “ZXX_CL_VARIALBLE_HANA”


Step 7 –

Write the code to populate the FISCAL Year / Posting Period Default value

Save and Activate.

Source Code Snapshot

Step 8 –

To test the CLASS Method open T-code SE24 execute the methods

Follow the steps as highlighted in Yellow

Follow the Step by Click

Enter the HANA Exit Variable Name in “I_VNAM


Step 9 –

Now Execute the Report in T-code RSRT [ Web Version] Selection screen Value populated with default Current Fiscal year/ Posting Period.

BW Report Output After including HANA Exit Variable



 This document explains to you in detail how to use the HANA exit variable on top of the SAP HANA Analytics report for default values.




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