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Using Excel data for creating a higher fidelity prototype for a master detail app:

We already have a blog that explain how to set up your WebIDE with destinations for your splash account and create a basic prototype. What I’m going to share here how can we use data in an excel file to use as reference to  create high fidelity prototype so that we can get context based navigation for our users within our prototype itself. It give a better feel to user as we can user live example data and have multiple example without having to actually create hard coded values in the prototype

I have created two videos here could have been only one but my free recording tool gave me only 10 min per video so sorry about that.


Video 1:

Splash and Build with excel data model Part-1 - YouTube

Video 2:

Splash and Build with excel data model Part-2 - YouTube

Here is the link to excel sheet: at jumpshare .com happy learning.

Video embedding is not working so I just copy pasted the link.


Laeeq Siddique.

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