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This is the 2 part of the How-to Use Document Templates in ITSM Blog


Scope and context

The scope of this blog, is show you how-to generate the PDF files dynamically with the information of the Ticket..


Logon to Sap Solution Manager and select: Service Operations --> Document Template Designer. Click in New

Select The File Type and define all the fields (Remember to define the WebService name that you create before this document) and the Object Type BUS2000116 (CRM Activity).

IMPORTANT: DONT FLAG "Make Interactive", This topic will be covered in a future blog

After Press the button "Start Designer", Solution Manager will be open the Adobe Livecycle Designer, and will be possible to press the Download Button, press the button to download the Template file to your computer.

When you open the file with the Adobe LiveCycle Designer, you will be receive the following Information, (This is the XML Schema used but the form to capture the information)

Now you will see the SAP Field defined in the WebServices in the "Data View" Tab.

You can start to design your Form using Drag&Drop

Now is time to upload the template to Sap Solution Manager again, you need to go back to Solman and browse your file, then click in Upload.


Create a new Attachment in any Incident or Change Document,  Open the Attachments Tab and Click in "With Template" and select the right one, the system add the file selected like attachment,  If you click on the file, Sap Solution Manager will be open the PDF file with all the information related to your ticket.


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