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This will be a 3 Miniblog Sessions to understand how to create and use Document Template in ITSM (Solman 7.1)


  1. WebService Creation
  2. Adobe PDF Template creation
  3. Word Template Creation
  4. Interactive PDF Template Creation.

The first part of this blog is related to the creation of the WebService, this WebService is use by Solution Manager to fill all the information that you publish in your Document Template.

  • How-to Create the WebService:

Run the transaction SM_CRM to logon the ITSM,

Then Select Service Operations --> Web Services

Create a New WebServices, The most important part is select the Right Business Object, here we will select "Activity" and then "Business Transaction" For Component and Root Object"

Select Read option

In this part we need to select which information you want to show/use inside your Document Templates, remember to confirm Selection for each Level, for this demo we are using "Transaction ID". "Posting Date for a Business Transaction" and "Transaction Description"

Then you can define some Default values, for this demo you need to click in Next

Now you need to SAVE,

Then you will have the option to "Activate" the webservice , And then you need to set the "Productive" flag to start to use the Web Service.

The easy way to check your service is goes to Transaction SICF and then filter by ServiceName (Will be the same that you define during the creation of the webservice)

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