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Logical following:

Model A there are dimnesions: Manufacturing plant, ProductS ID, Amount ,  but there is no  Material classification

Model B there are dimnesions: ProductS ID,  Material classification .

The report need dimnesions: Manufacturing plant;ProductS ID;Material classification; Amount

I like use Excel formula  "vlookup" ,but the WEBI not.

The following steps realize the referenced in the WEBI report similar to Excel  formula "vlookup" :

BO 4.x webi universe

step1: creat report with two querys model A AND model B

step2: merge two querys dimensions  ProductS ID name  ID

step3: creat variable name <Class> (You defined the Name )

qualification :Detail

associated dimension : ID (step2  dimnesion )

formula : =[Material classification]  (your require  dimension which  from other query )

New dimension <ID> is ok.

The approach to solve the problem of the bothers me more than a year.

Hope can help you.

In China and English.for  the people with poor reading English like me in mainland China




模型a,有字段是 工厂 产品ID,数量

模型b,有字段是 产品ID 产品分类

报表需要的字段 是 工厂 产品ID 产品分类 数量


以下步骤实现类似EXCEL的 vlookup引用的功能:

系统环境 BO 4.x webi universe


步骤2:合并二个模型的 产品ID 字段,名称是 ID

步骤3:创建变量 Class(可以自己命名的)

分别选项是 Detail,ID(步骤二合并后的字段),

公式输入:=[Material classification] 需要使用的任一字段

新的 字段 ID 可以使用了,




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