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The purpose of this document is to up-grade SAP Business Objects Application from 4.2 to SAP Business Objects Application from 4.2 SP3

Environment Details:-
Operating system: Windows Server 2008 64 Bit
Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 R2
Web Application: Tomcat 8
SAP Business Objects Tools: SAP Business Objects BI Platform for Enterprise 4.2

Installation & Configuration steps to upgrade BI4.2 to BI4.2 SP03:-
Pre-Installation Check List:-

  • Backup of file-store, tomcat configuration files & Data base:

  • Backup of CMS & Audit metadata

  • Backup of Following Configuration Files available at Tomcat (Web Tier) & BOBJ Layer (Management Tier & Processing Tier):

    • web.xml

    • server.xml


    • (If you have done any changes)

Make a note of recurring instance available in current environment

  • Pause all instance before doing any upgrade activity

Post-Installation Check List:-

  • Installation of SAP Business Objects 4.2 SP3

  • Validate your configuration with respect to below points:

  • Validate your reports available in your environment

  • SSO (SAP, Windows AD, LDAP, & Others like Oracle SIEBEL)

  • Start all paused instances and check the status after schedule.

SAP Business Objects Platform Services 4.x SPxx PAM Documents:-

1338845 – How to find Product Availability Matrix (PAM) / Supported Platforms Document for SAP BusinessObjects Products
1868888 – Where to find Support Packages or Patches for SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 3.x and 4.x? [Video]

SCN Thread related to Pre-requisite:-
Link:- Path in SAP Market Place:- Please refer above KBA for software detail

Installation & Upgrade:-

Support Patches:-

Up gradation & Configuration Documents:-

When the prerequisite system check completes successfully, click Next

On the “SAP BusinessObjects BI platform services 4.2 SP3 setup” page, click Next.

Accept the License Agreement, and click Next.

Click on "Read agreement" related to New License Key requirement

Type a password for the CMS Administrator account, and click Next

Now we have option to select "Standard Installation"Or "To run a phase-wise installation"

Standard Installation:- Installation will complete in Single Phase
Select "Standard Installation" and click on Next

Select Web Application option if you want to deploy Tomcat Application on same box and click on Next

To start the installation, click Next

Or Second Option is Phase-wise Installation and click on Next

The installation is performed in two phases - Caching and Installation after caching.

  • Caching is the process of copying the software to the installation directory

  • Installation after caching is the actual installation process

To start the installation, click Next.

Installation is in progress

Still Application is up and running, PFB screenshot of session tab

Phase-Wise Installation is completed

Folder date modified change for below sub folders exits in SAP Business Objects Installation directory

  • Auditing

  • Serverpids

  • logging

  • win64_x64

Again we have to start the Installation and Select "Phase-Wise" Installation
Installation is in progress

Update repository in is progress

Post Installation Steps, Click on Next

Installation is Completed, Click on Next

Relevant Systems
These enhancements were successfully implemented in the following systems:

  • SAP Business Objects Platform Services 4.2 SP3

This document is relevant for:

  • SAP Business Objects Administrator

Reference Material:
SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform 4.2

Installation, Upgrade, Deployment:

What’s New BI Platform 4.2 SP3:

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform 4.2 SP3 Product Availability Matrix:

SAP BusinessObjects BI platform 4.1 Architecture diagram (PDF)

To see the Adobe Flash version of the 4.0 architecture, see:

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