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I recently came across a helpful blog post by Veli, Beyhan regarding the deprecation of the Cloud Foundry cflinuxfs3 stack and the need to migrate to cflinuxfs4.

In my case , our fiori applications on BTP is using the Postgres database instance  . To deploy and create postgrace database artifacts , along with nodejs buildpack , apt-buildpack ( is also neccessary .

Therefore to change the stack to cflinuxfs4 for Postgresit is not possible to change it directly

from the BTP Cockpit . Why ? 

Because In this case , we also need to check if the apt-buildpack version that we use is compatible with the new stack cflinuxfs4 or we need to upgrade.

Stack Change Option - BTP Cockpit



The steps we took for the change -

  1. Check for the compatible apt-buildpack version .We used v0.2.10 , but found this version was not compatible with stack cflinuxfs4

  2. The version compatible with cflinuxfs4 is v0.3.0 .

  3. Changes in mta.yaml

    1. In the module section with name - <customname>-db-deployer . Adding parameters  to db-deployer section also affects the service.

      1. parameters

        1. stack : cflinusfs4

        2. buildpacks :

          1. -nodejs_buildpack

          2. -


4. Before deploying this change , the postgres db instance needs to be deleted for the change to affect.  Therefore if the change has to be deployed  in the acceptance or the production environment , take a backup of the data as deletion of db instance means loss of data .


BTP - Postgres db instance


5. Once the change is deployed , the service and deployer application in BTP reflects the change of stack cflinusfs4.



Conclusion : To change stack for postgres db always check if apt-buildpack compatible version and before deploying the changes to productive environment take a backup of the data in the postgres db else there is a data loss as mentioned in Step 4.

References -

Deprecation of Cloud Foundry Stack cflinuxfs3 and Migration to cflinuxfs4

How to update stack to cflinuxfs4 in SAP BTP Cloud Foundry Applications [CAP , NodeJS ,Java]


Thanks in advance to everyone for reading the blog !!.

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