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SAP Host Agent is an agent that can accomplish several life-cycle management tasks, such as operating system monitoring, database monitoring, system instance control and provisioning.


Objective -From time and again we have to patch hostagent and it is cumbersome to patch on each server as it add to substantial human effort.This blog will allow you to setup auto-upgrade host agent by keeping it in central location and when agent restarts it picks up the latest patch and patch the agent


Verify current SAP hostagent patch level in  server



Corresponding value for server

Check for the latest hostagent file in Marketplace

Download to the planned shared directory

hostexec/autoupgrade_delay = 60

Restart the hostagent once to confirm the parameters are ok

The dev_saphostexec should have the upgrade file path with no errors for access

And replace in the share directory

Now restart the hostagent and see if the upgrade happens

Update trigger is created

The upgrade activity happens

The patch version is updated in the dev_sapexec file

Confirmation from Solution Manager as well
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