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When you want to install the new version of the Hana platform or before an SUM package upgrade you can use this howto document.

1. Before updating Hana database, you should detect which components exist and will be updated in Hana platform. You can check it via SAP HANA Studio (in the overview tab) or hdblcm tool. You should keep the same version for database and other components as a rule.

hana:/hana/shared/HD1/hdblcm # ./hdblcm

SAP HANA Lifecycle Management - SAP HANA


Choose an action to perform

Index | Action to be performed     | Description


  1     | add_hosts                  | Add Additional Hosts to the SAP HANA System

  2     | configure_internal_network | Configure Inter-Service Communication

  3     | configure_sld              | Configure System Landscape Directory Registration

  4     | print_component_list       | Print Component List

  5     | rename_system              | Rename the SAP HANA System

  6     | uninstall                  | Uninstall SAP HANA Components

  7     | unregister_system          | Unregister the SAP HANA System

  8     | update_component_list      | Update Component List

  9     | update_components          | Install or Update Additional Components

  10    | update_host                | Update the SAP HANA Instance Host integration

  11    | exit                       | Exit (do nothing)

Enter selected action index [11]: 8

Component list will be updated with the detected components on the system.

Do you want to continue? (y/n): y

Updating Component List...

Log file written to '/var/tmp/hdb_HD1_hdblcm_update_component_list_2015-11-25_16.27.38/hdblcm.log' on host 'hana'.

In the specified log file, you can see the installed products and versions. Before starting update, do not forget backup your HANA system.

2. Download the required softwares from SAP Support Portal --> Download Software --> Support Packages and Patches --> A-Z --> H (choose letter H) --> SAP HANA PLATFORM EDITION --> SAP HANA PLATFORM EDIT. 1.0 --> Entry by Component

In this case, download HANA database, HANA client, HANA AFL, HANA Table Redistribution AFL, HANA studio with SAP Download Manager. In the distributed platform (in this case, SAP application server is Wintel) do not forget to download HANA client for both platforms.

Copy and extract all downloaded packages to the SAP HANA server.

3. HANA database can be updated using SAP HANA Platform Lifecycle Management OS level commands.

SAP HANA Platform Lifecycle Management is running on Fiori:

In this case, we are updating HANA database with command line option. As an HANA database update sequence, please choose:

1.Update HANA AFL (Application Function Library)
2.Update HANA database
3.Update HANA client
4.Update HANA Table Redistribution AFL
5.Update HANA studio

Updating HANA AFL, navigate the respective platform folder and run the hdbinst as user root.

With the same flow, install whole components:

Updating HANA database server, change folder HDB_SERVER_LINUX_X86_64 and run the script hdbupd as user root. You will need password of the database user SYSTEM.

Updating HANA client, change folder HDB_CLIENT_LINUX_X86_64 and run one of the scripts (hdbsetup or hdbinst) as user root.

Updating HANA Table Redistribution AFL, change folder HDB_TRD_AFL_LINUX_X86_64 and run the script hdbinst as user root.

Updating HANA studio, change the folder HDB_STUDIO_LINUX_X86_64 and run one of the scripts (hdbsetup or hdbinst) as user root.

In every log file of the installation package, you will see the exact package installation path.

4.  Checking SAP HANA database version after update:

4.1. SAP HANA database version check with command line with user sidadm:

#HDB version

4.2. SAP HANA version check with HANA Platform Lifecycle Management (or Hana studio):

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