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To upgrade the license of a SUP server you first need to generate the license file in the Sybase portal. The company contact for Sybase should be able to do that.

Next, shut down all unwired services on the machine you are going to upgrade the license on. Next place the file in the folder "<UnwiredPlatform_InstallDir>\Servers\UnwiredServer\licenses ". If the licenses folder does not exist then you are most likely updating the license of a server which had previously been using an evaluation license (so create the folder (it is case sensitive)).

Next you need to run a .bat file which will update all the locations required to get the server to pick up the file. The bat file is located in <UnwiredPlatform_InstallDir>\Servers\UnwiredServer\bin and is called license.bat

The .bat file takes 3 arguments (these three pieces of info are found by opening the licence file in word pad!)

Example file content

INCREMENT SUP_ENTSRVR SYBASE 2012.11170 permanent uncounted \
          VENDOR_STRING=PE=EE;LT=DT HOSTID=102066f4041c PLATFORMS="i86_n \
          x64_n" ISSUER="CO=Sybase, \
          Inc.;V=2.1;AS=A;MC=-2;MP=750;CP=1;EGO=" ISSUED=02-mar-2012 \

PE - (Product edition)

Here you can see on the second line that the value we need is EE (enterprise edition)

LT - (License type)

In the above example you can see that the license is of type DT (Development & test)

<licenseNumber> - (the number of client licenses)

Again in the above example we have CP = 1 so the value here would be 1 (usual for an unserved (local) license)

So the final command we would run is:

license.bat EE DT 1

Once we have completed this, restart all Sybase services and you should be good to go.

More info on this topic can be found at

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