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Introduction :

There are two Authentication type to trigger a CPI process from SuccessFactors Intelligent Services Center.

  1. Basic : Basic Authentication is coved in this blog. Please click on the link

  2. OAuth2 Client Credentials Grant : I will be covering this Authentication type in this blog.

Step 1 :

Add Event Connector in Intelligence service Center and click on New Event Connector

Step 2 :

Give Name of the Connector, End Point Url (Your CPI Process End Point Url)

You can find your End Point URL from your CPI process after deploying the process.


Step 3 :

Select OAuth2 Client Credentials Grant in Authentication

You can get your client id, client Secret and Token Endpoint from the SAP BTP cockpit of your CPI

(NOTE : This isntance is for SAP BTP, CF environment)

In Cockpit : Make sure you are subscribed with Process Integration Runtime service, if not the go to Entitlements -> Entity Assignment. Then select your Subaccount in which you want to enable this service.

BTP Cockpit image

After opening, click on Configure Entitlements and then click on Add Service.

In Add service search for Process Integration Runtime and then add this service.

Now open your subaccount in which you have added the service.

Go to Services -> Service Marketplace - > Seach for the added Service and then click on create.

Make sure in the plan you have selected integration-flow and it will also ask you to create one space.

After creating the space and adding the service go to instance and add Service Key.

After creating service Key Click on view to see you Oauth credentials, which you will use in ISC SF's for connection.

(NOTE : This isntance is for SAP BTP, Neo environment)

In Cockpit : Go to Security -> OAuth -> Clients -> Register New Clent

Under Register New Client

Name : Give any name.

Subscription : Select the CPI subscription you are currently using.

ID : This is auto generated.

Authorization Grant : Select Client Credentials.

Secret : Give your any password.

Token Lifetime : You can select time how long you want to validate your token.

Then click on save.

After this,

Go to Security -> Authorizations -> Groups

And under admin assign oauth_client_{your_id} or you can create your own group for granting only oauth authentication


Now go to Intelligence Service Center in SuccessFacor's

and provide the credentials which we have created in Cockpit :

Client ID : The ID of cockpit.

Client Secret : The password which you have given in cockpit under Secret field.

Token End Point : You can find Token Endpoint from your cockpit. Go to, Security -> OAuth -> Branding


Click on add and then save the flow.


Now, whenever the event got triggered, you can see the result in 41 CPI Process.


Conclusion :

In this blog I have tried to explain how to trigger a CPI process from SuccessFactors Intelligent Services Center using OAuth2 Client Credentials Grant.

If you have any question, feel free to ask.

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