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This blog describes in detail about transporting ESR/ID objects across different SLD’s for DEV, QA and PRD instead of having a single central SLD or common SLD for DEV&QA and separate SLD for PRD

SAP PI interfaces which involves integrating with SAP ECC, SAP SRM, SAP SLC and SAP SUS etc. will have different business systems and clients in their respective DEV, QA and PRD environments.

ESR objects does not have any impact while transporting to different environments however ID objects which involves WEB AS ABAP/JAVA business systems should automatically pick their respective business system related to the environment while moving from DEV-->QA-->PRD to avoid the reconfiguration/recreating ID objects in both PI QA and PI PRD. Below image shows the landscape setup

Let’s discuss the steps involved to achieve this functionality.

Step 1: Create technical systems of type WEB AS ABAP related to DEV SAP systems in PI DEV SLD either manually or by registering using RZ70 Tcode and create respective business systems

Step 2: Follow step 1 and create technical systems and business systems of type WEB AS ABAP related to QA SAP system into PI QA SLD and PRD SAP system into PI PRD SLD

Step 3: Login to PI QA SLD and configure unidirectional SLD Synchronization pointing to PI DEV SLD to get all the DEV SAP technical systems into PI QA SLD. We can also create manually or using RZ70. These includes technical systems of SAP systems and native PI technical system as per below screen

Step 4: Select the PI DEV technical system (highlighted in above screen shot) and click on Add New Business System and select the role of business system as Integration Server from the drop down and provide pipeline URL as per below screen

Step 5: Create business systems to the respective technical system and assign related integration server as BS_DPICLNT100

Step 6: Create two different Groups GR_DEV and GR_QA in PI QA SLD and assign the respective Integration Server from drop down

Step 7: Select DEV business system and make sure the group GR_DEV assigned and click on Add/Change Target push button to assign the transport target’s as per below screens

Step 8: Repeat the same above steps in PI PRD SLD by using QA technical and business systems

Please note for AEX/SAP PRO as we don’t have ABAP stack, pipeline URL will be different for Integration server business system. So instead of creating business systems manually do an export and import across different SLD’s.

I hope this blog will clear doubts for many PI consultants who are struggling to understand the concept of Groups and transport targets in SLD.

Happy Learning!!!

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