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After creating a configuration in the Development system, you may want to transport it to Quality and Production to avoid recreating everything in each system again. In SAP BO, the Life Cycle Management (meaning transport configuration from a system to another) is done by a feature called Promotion Management. Just to make an easy analogy, this is the equivalent of SAP Transport Management System (STMS) in ABAP systems.

The example will be around user group transport, but the same procedure applies for any object (users, reports, folders, categories, etc) within a BO system.



Check the following note to make sure the user has the relevant permissions:

1785929 - Rights required for a user to access and perform promotions using Promotion Management [How-To]


Login to your Development system and go to CMC / Promotion Management.Click “New Job” button.Fill out the required fields accordingly and choose the source (DEV) and target system (QAS). Credentials will be required.

In the destination system, you can also choose the export as LCMBIAR file option.Click on “Add Objects” button.Select the object you want to transport, in this example, the user group ZTEST_TRANSPORT. Click “Add & Close” button.Select the user group and click “Promote”.Before you click on “Promote”, you can check if everything is OK with the transport by using the “Test Promote” button.You can also schedule the transport for a certain time by using the “Schedule” button. It can be very useful, for example, if you want to transport anything during the night, to avoid any impact on the system during working times.

For this example, I will not schedule any job. Go back to the summary screen, click on “Promote” button.

It’s done! Check the status of the job in the tab "Promotion Jobs".Go to CMC of the destination system (Quality) and confirm the user group has been transported.

Now you are able to transport Business Objects configuration from one system to another without re-doing everything in each system by using Promotion Management tool available in SAP Business Object (BO). As mentioned at the beginning, the example was about transporting a user group, but the same procedure applies for any object within a BO system (users, reports, folders, categories, etc).

Images credit: the screenshots have been taken from a test system.

I hope it helps!
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