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Dear Friends, With the help of this blog I am trying to explain how we can transport Bex Queries From DEV system to QUA and PRD System.

Because I saw so many new People who started our carrier in SAP BI Then always asking this discussion in SCN How to transport a BEx Query..

First of all, We need a query. So create a Bex Query in query Designer.

Now Go to Transaction RSA1 and Click on Transport connection Tab.

Now in this screen which type of object we wants to transport we can transport from this screen.

Know Before Going to select any object we  will look in to Grouping and collection mode.

What is Grouping?

The first option to consider is for grouping the objects to be included.

The following are the options that are available for Grouping. Select the appropriate option and proceed to the next step.

What is Collection Mode?

This indicator is for the method you are using to gather all the objects needed to support the item you are activating.

The following are the options that are available for Collection Mode.

Depending on the collection mode that is selected, the system starts collecting the objects. The time taken to collect all the objects may vary depending on the grouping option that is selected. Once all the objects have been collected, proceed to the next step.

Now We are Selecting a developed query for transport.

Select grouping as only necessary objects and collection mode as manually Select the query to be transported from query elements Select transfer.

Now Click on the Package.

Package :- A package is a transportable archive containing the portal objects that can be exported or imported.

                  Packages is mainly used for data for import and export purpose.

Ones we click on the package we can see below this screen and in this screen so many query elements also. So click on filter button.

In this screen select object type and transfer from list field to filter criteria and clock on ok button.

Now in this screen give ELEM

Now you can select all query element. So select all option and click on OK Button.

Give the package name and save.

Create a new request and save.

and save request also.

Now Click on this CTO (Transport Organizer over view) option.

A new screen will come this is SE09 screen.

Now 1st release the Task and then request with the help of this Transport button.

Now check the log.

Now this request is ready for import in QUA and PRD system.

This can done by using this STMS or STMS_IMPORT tcode in QUA and PRD system.

Thanks :smile:

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