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In this short article, let us see the steps to copy the entire Project repository into Solution along with Business Process information and documents.

This is required once our Project reaches its final destination or actually Gone Live in the Production Environment. Thus, once we move on to Support Phase or RUN phase to be more accurate, we create a solution and transfer the data from Project to Solution.


In Solution Manager, access transaction code Solman_Workcenter and choose the Solution Manager Administration Workcenter


Click on Solutions and choose existing solution as shown.


Click on the Solution or the link here "Demo for BPM"


Now click on Business Scenarios and choose Source as Project and press F4 in the Scenario Name field as highlighted


Now in the next screen, choose the project from where you want the transfer of business processes and documents. Select the Business Process or structure elements here as shown.

Observe the lower portion of the same screen you have got 3 buttons, click on Copy Options


It will open up a pop as shown below

Choose the among the various options, how we want the documentation to be copied and then press save button.


Press copy button now


We will be returned to Solution Directory maintenance window, click on SAVE button as highlighted.

P.S. Based upon the actions selected for Copy of documentation it will take plenty of time to copy. It also depends upon the amount of documentation stored in the project.


Thus, now we can see the entire Business Process information and Project documentation stored under various tabs is transferred to our target solution from source Project like shown below

Documentation Tab

Test Cases Tab

Thus we have successfully transferred entire set of documentation from Project to our Solution including General, Project Specific, Test Cases etc.

Also, please check below mentioned some notes which might be helpful

Note 1405147 - Documents are not copied from solution into project

1810686  - How to transfer content between SAP Solution Manager systems

Note 1507638 - Documents are not copied in Solution Directory

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