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In this scenario, we will try to transport the table entries of table.


Go to SE10 Transaction and Click on Create.  

Following screen will appear. Select Workbench request, If the table is customizing table, then select customizing request.


Provide the description and continue.

Then it will go to the next screen.

Now double-click on the Parent request.

Go to change mode, and enter the following details:

Table Contents,R3TR,TABU,Name of the Table(XXXXX) in each field.

Now click on the key button available under the name “Function” (Highlighted above). Following screen will appear. Double-click on the first empty line. 

Here we can provide the entries that we need to transport. we are transporting all the entries in this table belonging to client 800. 

Press Enter. The following screen will appear as below 

Now you can check for the entries that will transport as per the given condition, by clicking on the table button highlighted in the screenshot above. 

Select the third radio button “Table contents specified by current key”. 

Following screen will appear with Table entries.

Click on Save. A warning message will appear. 

A Warning message will appear when an application table is used.

Ignore the warning message and click on Save and continue. 


Now we can release the transport request and send the request to other system.

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