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Below are the simple steps by which you can create a Dashboard using GMAPS Plugin:-

1)First you have to download GMAP Plugin Trial Version from and also follow the instructions.

1)    2)After that you have to Install GMAP Plugin to Xcelsius Dashboard.

1)    3)For that you have to Open Dashboard.

1)    4)Go to File -> Manage add-ons.


       5)After that Click on Install Add-on.


      6)Open the download *.xlx file.


      7)Then Save and Exit from Add-on Manager and close the Dashboard File.


      😎After that again open Dashboard->Create New->Add Panel Container2->


(i)Panel container1 and GMAP Plugin (By default added to Maps, simply we have to drag and drop in to canvas).

       (ii)Panel container1 contained Label, Input Text and Push button.


      9)For Input Text:


       10)This Destination should be assign to a blank Cell.


      11)For PUSH Button:



       12)For GMAPS:

  i) First Link the GAMPS Key (which is sent by and that should be mention in one of column in spreadsheet:



       ii) Properties:

      13)Connection for Push Button with GMAPS Plugin we have lots of methods, but I had tried below two methods:-

   i) Using Destination of Push button as a source in chart component and chart Destination should be maintained as source of GMAPS Plugin.

  ii) Or by using simple Function/IF statement.

  14)I have use 2nd method and this statement was link to the GMAPS Plugin as a source:

15)Below is the screenshot of after preview and before entering the IP Address:

16)Below is the screenshot of after entering the IP Address and click on PUSH button:-

Hope this helps....



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