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It’s 2 weeks now since we have entered year 2016 and we have seen numerous great articles and blogs with “Prediction”, “Trends”, “What to watch for” , “What not to do”, “CIOs best bet” etc. focusing on both Business and IT organizations. Despite all, there are still many questions and doubts that are causing great deal of distress and confusion among majority of IT and Business Leaders. Digital Economy, IoT, Disruptors changing business models, Innovation and other buzz words are generally appreciated and accepted however the adoption is limited and slow. It’s a battle between “Culture”, “Bread-Earning” and “Creating Marvels” and most of the time culture and bread-earning wins the argument leaving a very low percentage of those who step-out and change.

In this blog I am trying to address the remaining larger 2/3rd of the population, who are smart and trying to take the calculated steps, who wants to create the marvels but not on the expense of age old culture and care for the balanced economy. In this article I have tried to squeeze 2016 trends and predictions, and have developed simple guidelines and a structure for easy 2016 digitization adoption. If you can fit your current and upcoming projects in this then you are on the right track, if not then you know what precisely you have to do to be in the run.

This guide is like a recipe and must be followed in its order, this 5 element structure gives you a simple architecture that you can follow to commence your 2016 Digital journey.

Automation + Predictive Analytics:

First important element for today is “Automation” and “Predictive Analytics”. Even though we say IT or Business Automation, but they are 2 thread of a rope and always supports each other by resolving the inefficiencies. Similarly Automation and Predictive Analytics are 2 ropes that are joined together to increase the business reach (Providing for the unmet demands). Automation without  Predictive Analytics or vice-versa will definitely be of short in length in meeting the expectations.

Global Connected Data:

Second element is the “Global Connected Data”. Global here refers to a holistic view of all your connected business, users, consumers, systems, demographic, analysts and sensory data. Good data gets the best of applied automation and predictive analytics. Data always brings lots of challenges

  1. Collection: Collection of data needs intelligently connected elements, yes you guess is right “IoT”.
  2. Storage and analysis : Storage alone is easy, but when it comes to running analysis on huge data you need Robust and High performing systems.
  3. Security : Data is liability and an investment and must be secured : will get to this later in this blog.

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To handle Connected Global Data you need an IoT Enabled Robust platform, which can provide industry standards and deliver the speed needed for action. If you are a SAP shop then you have Simple answer S4 HANA. For non SAP shop there are other certified platforms available that you can integrate with your current systems.

Supported By Innovation:

Running Simple is the key. Innovation should not be confused with invention. For Digitalization to really take off, solutions must focus on meeting consumers unmet demands and the end-user experience, not dazzling tech or superficial gadgetry. For the most part consumers everywhere are frustrated and companies are losing brand loyalty. Treat your products as service to your consumers and perfect it to resolve the inefficiencies in the process of their usage.

Security & Privacy:

As mentioned earlier Data is the most important element, it’s not just bytes stored at your data-centers. Data is liability and needs improved security and privacy measures. Knowingly or unknowingly your data is exposed and vulnerable to unauthorized access. We all know the Security and Privacy issues faced by Healthcare industry has caused companies to lose billions of dollars. Before you sign on a project or plan, don’t close your pens before ensuring proper security and privacy measures in it. IT Solution experts make sure that you have left the room to incorporate much anticipated reformed security and privacy regulatory guidelines.

To summarize,

  • Find these 5 elements in all your current and upcoming projects
  • Remember every product is a service waiting to happen (Rit Mishra-Pool Magazine).
  • Focus on resolving inefficiencies and meeting your consumers unmet demands. 

I have tried my best to keep this blog simple to understand and implement, however preparing for the fast approaching digital economy is not simple. Hope you find this blog useful and this helps you commence your 2016 Digital journey.

Happy New Year!

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