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Introduction - What is SAP AppGyver

SAP AppGyver is a Low-Code/No-Code platform with which you can build apps very quick and easy.

SAP has acquired AppGyver in 2021. The official press release you can find here: "SAP Acquires No-Code Development Pioneer AppGyver".

AppGyver is now also integrated in the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) and accessible from there.

In this blogpost I would like to show some simple examples of what SAP AppGyver can be used for.


My Use Case / Prototype

In my Use Case / Prototype I like to build a simple Mobile App, which is connected via the SAP API Hub to the SAP Cloud Product SAP Cloud ALM.

Here is a simple architecture sketch:

Connection with the Backend / Data Source

To receive data from the source system, I have to make the right configuration from AppGyver to the source system. Therefore I refer to the "REST API" or the "OData" Integration".

To find the correct API reference string, I use the relevant method from the API from the SAP API Hub. That's where I'm currently at with the configuration.


Another Use Case / Prototype

Also very helpful are learning Apps, with which you can learn new topics or learn about a product.

This app could be further enriched with gamification and challenges to maximize the user experience.

Useful resources



If you dive into the topic of SAP AppGyver for a few hours, you get into the topic relatively quickly.

I learn best when I directly apply what I have learned. Therefore, whenever possible, I try to create a concrete prototype directly in the system.

Personally I think AppGyver is a great addition to the SAP Ecosystem.

I hope I was able to give you some suggestions and show you how to get started using a simple example.

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