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If 100 records are getting transferred to Target, and if there is error in 5 records, we don't want the entire 100 records to pulled back.

In this concept our 95 records will reach target.. and erroneous 5 records will be moved to error stack.

We can correct the errors in error stack and send it to target using an error DTP.

Now lets see this using an example

In our source data we are purposely giving some errors to see the functioning of Error Stack and Error DTP.

We entered two entries in small letters which the system wont accept in normal case.

This is where we are going to load data.

Run infopackage, load data to PSA of Datasource.

While configuring DTP, give Error handling as "update valid records"

Activate and Execute DTP.

In this we can see, records are updated but remaining 2 erroneous records are blocked.

click on Error stack

Now correct the errors and save.

Now create Error DTP.

Activate and Execute Error DTP.

Corrected records are now moved from Error Stack to Cube

let us display data of cube

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