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Hi folks,

This blog is breaking a barrier that hinders today a number of clients on the adoption of SAP in a BI environment Lumira with SAP BI BusinessObjects Platorm.

Like you, I am a fan of SAP Lumira and how you can easily create dashboards or stories from connected data or not. But what is it, sharing your results?

Before the power belonged to the person who held the information. Today it belongs to those who share it.

But you probably have a Buisness Intelligence platform where you already manage all of your content business decision, your shares, your documents, planfications, your users, your dashboards.

For some of you, it is actually possible to connect to the BI Platform using SAP Lumira Server but SAP HANA is necessary in your SAP landscape. A limitation that has its price.

That's why I'll explain how to easily integrate your SAP Lumira histories directly on  BI Launch Pad (aka BILP) without installing any plugin or addon.

It all starts on SAP Lumira Desktop...

Create story in SAP Lumira

Remember the workflow of SAP Lumira : easy isn't it ?

Today, I'll use a dataset about the average pric of THE Big Mac sandwich over the world. Makes you hungry.

The steps to create a story with SAP Lumira are very simple so I'll let you do that at home. The results are 3 views with one of them is a map.

Once you've composed your story, you'll be able to share your insights. Let's do that.

Share your story in SAP Lumira Cloud

So, the thing is you have to share your story to SAP Lumira Cloud. Click on your story and go to SAP Lumira Cloud. You can access to Lumira Cloud with your S-user ID.

Publish your SAP Lumira story and get your URL

Go to SAP Lumira Cloud and see your story published. SAP Lumira Cloud is available to : SAP Lumira Cloud

You have to click on "Share" to modifiy private or public access to the URL of your story. It's necessary to allow BI Platform to connect to your Cloud story. Smart.

Now you can access to your story from anywhere on the Web (website, intranet, extranet, others ways, ...)

Creat BI Worskpace in SAP BI Platform 4.1

Then, log on the BI Platform 4.1 and launch BI Worspace in BI Launch Pad as shown below :

First, change the format of your main screen into "Free format" to organize your entries. Then, insert a Web Module to configure your public URL in order to share your BI Worspace. That's the magic part.

Add what you want to your BI Worspace with others parts and quit the Edit Mode. Save into public folders.

Make your dream real sharing your BI Workspace

This is the final result : saving your BI Worspace will allow you to share your SAP Lumira story on the BI Platform across all users who have access to it.

The result is very amazing, without SAP Lumira Server or SAP HANA. However, SAP HANA with SAP Lumira Server is much better for your architecture and performance of analysis. This way of displaying SAP Lumira insights is just a "trick", but a very good looking "trick" isn't it ?

Feel free to comment and share your feedbacks.

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