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SUP101 Demo Environemnt:

SUP 2.0 + IOS 6.1 + Xcode 4.6


1. SUP 2.0 software package, you can download from SAP SMP with 1 month free evaluation license. (51041007_3)

2. You need librfc32.dll, sapjco.jar, sapjcorfc.dll files, used by SUP to connect SAP ABAP backend system.

Setup SUP:

1. Install the SUP 2.0

2. Install Jco by following SAP_JCOnnector_Instruct.txt

3. Start the service as administrator

4. Start Sybase Unwired WorkSpace, with a successful installation, you will see the screen like this:

5. login to https://server:8283/scc/  by "supAdmin/s3pAdmin", with a successful login, you see the following screen.

Create SUP101 MBO

1. Create the SUP101 (customer and sale order) MBO by following "Tutorial: Mobile Business Object Development" guide. If you run the demo under IOS simulator, you need to choose "Message-based" during the deploy of the MBO, otherwise you get "login failed" error during the runtime.

Setup Xcode 4.6

1. The "Tutorial: iOS Application Development" is based on iOS SDK 4.2 and 4.3. The tutorial requires "Window-based application template", as there is no longer a Window-based Application template starting from Xcode 4.2, you need setup your Xcode 4.6 to adapt the using of this tutorial. To setup the environment, please refer to MainWindow.xib absence in Xcode 4.2 beta 4 with iOS 5 SDK.

2. The prepared Xcode 4.6 environment like this:

Create SUP101 project in Xcode

1. Create SUP101 project by following "Tutorial: iOS Application Development". Make sure you turn the ARC off during the code compile.

2. Make sure the connection setting in iPhone simulator and SCC is matching.

3. After iPhone simulator started and successful connected to SCC, you should be able to see the iPhone simulator is registered in SCC.

4. After a successful synchronization between iPhone simulator and SCC, you will see the customer list and detail of customer from iPhone simulator, you can check the data by the preview of MBO in SUP.

Reference Links

1. SUP Tutorial: iOS Application Development login fail

2. iOS 6 SUP tutorial

3. My LeaseMe iPhone App

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