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  1. Create a specific user account in SAP– SU01 ( example :TWERFCUSER)
  2. Create a role for the tax ware and assign to the user - PFCG ( Example : BC:TWE_RFC)
  3. Create a rfc connection to tax ware and provide a program ID  - SM59 ( Example : TWE of type TCP/IP with program id "Taxware_JCO_D/Q/P")
  4. Create a copy of the twesdk folder  which is existing and rename to the new system name( Example : Twesdk_CRM)
  5. Edit the files file) and sapconfig( XML Doc)
  6. In SAP Config provide the host name , Porgram ID ( same as you mentioned in SM59) , User name , Password, Client, SYS number, rfc user ( TWERFCUSER and password)
  7. In the Client properties file you can provide mshost name, r3name=<SID>, group= logon load balancing group
  8. Go to TWESAPServiceWrapper -> conf folder and edit wrapper-JB.conf file and provide the Name of service, Display name of service and description of service
  9. Using the command prompt go to the directory of the folder which you re-named in step 4 and run the command TWESAPServcieWrapper-install-JB batch file .This script will create a new service .
  10. Try to start the service manually using the script StartSAPLink_JB
  11. Now go to your abap systems - SM59 and test the rfc created in step 3

** Please see the detail screen shots for reference:

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