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Hi folks,

First of all, thank you so much for such an amazing response on my previous blogs on focused build, Cloud ALM, CBTA and others.

This blog will be mainly focused on steps to setup your SAP Cloud ALM for Operation for SAP S/4 HANA and SAP Business Suite.

Operation in SAP Cloud ALM has 7 use cases which includes Health Monitoring, Business Process Monitoring, Real User Monitoring, Interface & Exception Monitoring, Synthetic User Monitoring, Job and Automation Monitoring and Business Service Management.


So to setup and configure SAP Cloud ALM, you need to follow the below steps:

  1. Go to SAP Cloud ALM Portal and click on "Request" with your S-User ID

  2. Once you click on Request, then in "Systems and Provisioning" click on "Start Provisioning".

  3. After this step, you need to select the "Region" and "Subdomain". Subdomain is generally in the name of <organization name or abbreviation>-cloudalm. For example if the organization name is abc limited, then the cloud alm subdomain name can be abc-cloudalm , abcltd-cloudalm , abc-ltd-cloudalm , etc.

  4. In this step, you need to select "SAP Cloud Identity Service" and click on submit.

  5. After this, you can see the status of provision as "Request Submitted".

  6. Wait for around 15 mins, the provision status will be approved and a cloud sub-domain will be provisioned to your id.

  7. After the SAP Cloud ALM is provisioned, you will get an email with subject "Activate Your Account for User Profile" , in which you need to activate your account and set your password for your account.

  8. Once the account is activated, your will get an email with subject "Access information for SAP Cloud ALM". In the same email you will get URL for navigating to your SAP Cloud ALM launchpad.

  9. After this is done, then you need to follow Procedure for Enabling SAP Cloud ALM API to configure your BTP service.

  10. Once the SAP Cloud API is configured, you need to configure and perform the pre-requisites as mentioned in Setup for SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Suite

  11. Once the above things are in place, you are ready to use and explore SAP Cloud ALM.


Setup for Cloud ALM is very easy and can be configured super quick. All the supporting documents and configuration steps are available online and can be accessed.


As mentioned above, you can visit my blog on SAP ALM APJ Conference, held in Bangalore, India.

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Thanks and have a great learning!!!

Keep learning and keep sharing. Cheers!
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