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In this blog we will show how to maintain your Business Process Structure of your Implementation project with the ARIS tool ( supported via a Template project in Solution Manager) This blog will only cover the ARIS part related to the Business Process projects preparation. The part related to Solution Manager Template Projects will be covered in boris.milosevic2’s blog.

Background: A template project is maintained in the SAP system (client) where you can make changes. For more information on this please refer to boris.milosevic2 blog How To Set Up Project Environment in Order to Maintain your Implementation Project with ARIS tool.

The environments in the two tools SAP Solution Manager and ARIS are synchronized and the ARIS content represents Business’ view of the Business Processes and the Solution Manager represents the system view of the Business Processes of the enterprise.

The schema below shows the different steps to follow when creating a new project to improve a given Business Process area:

When synchronizing between ARIS and Solution manager there are object attributes in the ARIS objects that define how the synchronization should be done. By following the steps above and by using the Transform functionality in ARIS the new [Variant] copy of the Business Process area to be updated is redirected to synchronize with the Implementation Project in Solution Manager instead of the Solution Template Project.

In the end of the step-by-step process I explain a short workaround needed because of a Transform bug in many versions of ARIS. We’re using Version, which needs the workaround.

1. To start the update you synchronize the two “Master” environments.

  • Select the Solution Template in SAP Solution Manager.
  • Accept the default settings and selections.

The ARIS Master and the Solution Manager Master Template are now synchronized and contain matching business context.

2. Copy the ARIS Master Group (Project) and Paste it as a Variant in the [Parent] Group Node.

The new structure is visible in ARIS – this will be our Implementation project.

Now you need to take a look at boris.milosevic2 blog How To Set Up Project Environment in Order to Maintain your Implementation Project with ARIS tool to find out what needs to be done in Solution Manager.

4. In ARIS create a New, Temporary ARIS Database (TMP)

This database will be Transferred (ARIS functionality) from the Implementation Project in Solution Manager and is only used to Transform the SAP attributes of the objects in the ARIS Variant Project copy to allow it to later be synchronized with the Implementation Project in Solution Manager.

5. Transfer Implementation Project from Solution Manager  to ARIS TMP database

Verify the Implementation Project Structure in the TMP db.

Check Warnings at end of this blog, and make adjustments if necessary.

In the Variant MASTER Database, Select the Copied Variant Structure and

6.Transform from the [Template] Project in the TMP Database.

This step is necessary to properly set the SAP Attributes in the ARIS Variant Master Project [to “Point” to the Implementation Project in Solution Manager]

Select the TMP Database as the Corresponding Database Containing the Implementation

Project and OK

7. Work in the Variant Master make all changes required by the business and the organization. Assign, Publish and Validate Models with Process Owner.

8. Synchronize the ARIS Master (Variant Copy) Project back to the Implementation Project in Solution Manager. Select the Variant’s root-object in ARIS.

[Read the Warnings slide at the end of this blog before proceeding.]

The Project is Now Approved and Ready to be Published in ARIS.

Make sure Model Level Assignments are Assigned to the New Processes in

the Variant Copy Master. Delete the Original Master Processes.


There is a known bug with certain versions of ARIS. When creating a variant copy

of TMPL, the root object is also copied.

However the Transform function does not change the SAP ID or Project ID when

Transforming the project from the TMP Database. A manual action is required.


The Variant copy has been created and before Transforming the SAP Attributes from the TMP ARIS Database You need to Export (XML Export) the Root-object from the TMP Database and Import it into the MASTER Variant, then Consolidate the Variant copy and the imported object, using the imported object as the Master.

After the Consolidation check the SAP Attributes of the Variant Root-object. Make sure the [SAP] Synchronization Project Attribute is the Implementation Project in Solution Manager.

After this You can Perform the Synchronization with Solution Manager.

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