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Thsi article will demonstrate you the steps for maintaining the substitute for any user  who gone on leave without maintaining substitution in his workflow system.

It is very easy to make substitute for our own user id in SAP Workflow scenario but many times we gets issues for maintaining the workflow substitute for a user who gone on sudden leave or due to medical emergency user might not able to make substitute in his workflow system. In such scenario, this document will be very much helpful to you.

I.                    For maintaining substitute for our own user id ,we follow the below screenshot

II. For maintaining substitute for other’s user id , follow the below  steps

Go to transaction SE93 and type the transaction name  RMPS_SET_SUBSTITUTE.

By default  , your user name will appear.

remove your user id and enter the user id for whom you want to  maintain substitute .Then the below screen will appear .Click on the highlighted button

On clicking on the highlighted  button ,the following screen will appear. Enter the user id ,to whom user wants to be his substitute.

Then enter the from and to dates during which user needs substitution to be activated,.

Click  on save and substitution will be activated for user and work is done.

Whenever user want to deactivate the substitution, just follow the same steps and click on below button and deactivate the substitution.

Like if you feels  this article wil lbe helpful for you  .

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