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Hi All,

Whenever I try to execute the SAP application through run configuration, I generally face an issue due to the absence of a Fiori launchpad.

In this blog, I am going to explain how we can overcome the above-mentioned drawback and execute the SAP application in a Fiori Launchpad by using SAP BAS.

Step 1:

Here I have created a sample application with the name SampleApp by using the SAPUI5 Application template.

After the creation of the project, the structure will be as shown below.

Step 2:

Now I want to run this application (SampleApp) for which I need to add the run configuration.

Steps for adding Run Configuration:

Click on the Run button and click on the create configuration shown below.

 Select the project name which we would like to run.

After selecting the project, now we must select the index.html runnable file (As we don’t have any direct option to run the app with Fiori Sandbox).

Select the version from the available versions.

 Click on enter to add the run configuration shown below.

Click on the run module.

Now click on the open in new tab button to run our application in index.html as we have selected the index file during configuration time.

Now I want to run this application in Fiori launchpad.

Open run configuration file and right-click on the file and select the show in file option to open the launch.json file shown below.

In the args section in the launch.json file we need to make the below changes:




Replace the above-mentioned arguments below.

“args”: [



Now the updated code will be shown below.

Note: If the target run time is cloud foundry, the dependency is located in the root folder, at that time have to update the dependencies in package.json like below.

dependencies>@sap/html5-remo-mock to 1.6.x.

otherwise, we don’t need to update any dependencies in package.json.

Again, run the application through the run module to open the launchpad like below.


Now click on the sample app tile to open the app in Fiori Launchpad.

                So, in this way, we can easily run the sap application in the Fiori   Launch pad by using SAP BAS.

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