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I faced an issue with one of the important info cube related to our application got failed at roll up step in process chain, when I checked in the process logs for rollup info cube it says one of the characteristics object have not been indexed yet and there is a lock for indexing in SAP BWA.

Below is SS of error.

Error says that one infoobject values has not been indexed and daemon job which has been running for the values of infoobject characteristics also failed,

Why the rollup got failed

During the time daemon job was running for the characteristics info object say (ZAC_NO) and same time rollup step in process chain got triggered which sets to in lock for the rollup to get failed.

Below is some info about BWA master data daemon which is related to our case ...

Introduction of BWA master data daemon came up with the of release of 730/731

What is error message "Check the status of the master data delta daemon: "

The task of the master data daemon is to index new characteristic values for the BWA. This process runs asynchronously to roll up processes.

And, after the successful completion of a roll up, you must check whether there are new characteristic values for characteristics of the relevant InfoProvider that have not yet been indexed by the master data daemon. However, if the values are not in the BWA, the new movement data cannot be accessed because this may lead to data inconsistencies. For this reason, the roll up is not yet complete.

Depending on the system settings, the roll up process waits a specific length of time in which the system checks regularly whether the master data daemon has indexed the characteristic values.You could have seen this below message

"Data not indexed yet for characteristic"

"Master data delta daemon job (ID <daemon_ID>) is running. Please wait.."

If the daemon is not finished in the specified time, then the roll up process terminates with an error message like above screen shot

"New characteristic values have not been indexed yet"

"Check the status of the master data delta daemon"

Depending on the system settings, the roll up process waits a specific length of time in which the system checks regularly whether the master data daemon has indexed the characteristic values.

Steps to check

1) Since we have error message with the status of master data daemon job failed - check the tcode RSDDBIAMON2 for logs of master data and for the master data delta daemon job id(particular failed job id)  ,

Found the below SS shows the infoobject (ZAC_NO) index got corrupted. 

2. To check in place of more about the index corrupted. Tcode – rsddb and given the particular info cube name and saw the index info status was green , but the one of the characteristic(ZAC_NO) S table object the status index corrupt.

Below pic was captured after the rebuilt index was happening for the info object of Stable  

index got corrupted for the sid table of info object.

3. Se11 – table name RSDDTREXNEWSID – to check the how many new SID generation  in TREX Aggregates

the number of characteristic values is very large in this situation where the daemon job do not manage to index the characteristics values in BWA, you can see from the screen that the SID tables has huge no of records.

Daemon couldn't carry out his task at specified timings

Why index got corrupted:

Our BWA server there where 9 blades and 3rd blade was down because of some network issue , and its was rebooted. Due to the issue the index for info object zac_no got corrupted and where the master data deamon for zac_no was keep on failing.

Final Climax 

Now the index needs to be rebuild.

Ran the report program RSDDTREX_SINGLE_TABLE_INDEX  in the BACKGROUND (eg use F9), and was sure that no Hierarchy Attribute Change Run is in place  

Info object Name: Zac_no

Tables Names: SID table of that info object zac_no

And once after the completion of background job , we have repeated the failed rollup in PC it was success 

Please be informed that this scenario has worked in our case , but there is an OSS note 1098260 - says that Using RSDDTREX_SINGLE_TABLE_INDEX “It is an internal repair tool and is not released for general use.” And “We do not support the use of the program in any other situation. If you use the program in other situations, we will not provide any assistance for problems that occur. If this function was a part of standard SAP systems, it could also be executed in BIA maintenance transactions. This is most certainly not the case.”

Please welcome any doubts or comments 

Signing of by,


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