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In this Blog Post we will understand how to handle a situation when Objects are not visible within InfoArea.


Problem Statement :

Often when there are Role level and authorization related Changes from Basis or Security Team on User ID, User's might not be able to see the Modelling Objects and Query related Elements within the InfoArea and it creates a kind of confusion when no object is visible to work upon which used to exists before.

This issue often occurs due to Shared Buffer that exists on Application Server.


Lets try to Understand how we can resolve this Issue.

Solution :

  1. Go to T-Code : RSOSM, which is often used for BW Search for SAP HANA Maintenance.



2.  You will get the above Screen , Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on "Configure BW Search" , You will be presented with the below Screen.


3. Once you are within "Configure BW Search" Section, You can see the status of your Shared Buffer as "Shared Buffer is Filled" and a Delete Icon besides that Status.


4. Click on that Delete Icon , it will delete your Shared Buffer and the Status will be changed to "Shared Buffer is not filled" as below.


5. Now , go back to your InfoArea and hit Refresh , You will be able to see all your Modelling Objects and Query related Elements back within InfoArea.





By Following the above steps you will be able to clear up your shared buffer and able to see the missing Objects back within your InfoArea.


— Sources of the pictures are screenshots I have taken from SAP system and no image is taken from the internet.


Hope the above Information added a bit of value to your time and knowledge .

If you enjoyed reading it do give it a Like and would be happy to read your feedback in the comments section.





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