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Secure Login Client (SLC), part of SAP Single Sign-On, automatically launches when the macOS boots. That is often the desired behavior, but in my case, it wasn't. So I wanted to share with you a simple way of preventing SLC from launching at boot time.

I have two user accounts on my iMac, a personal and a work account. I don't need SLC for my personal account and thus didn't want macOS from launching it for all logged in users.

To prevent SLC from launching at boot, open the and navigate to /Library/LaunchAgents.

cd /Library/LaunchAgents

There you will find a preferences file called It's a system-protected file so you will need sudo to edit it using your favorite editor. I used nano to open the file using the following command:

sudo nano ./

Sudo will prompt you to enter your account password.

Once you have opened the file in the editor, locate the following line (line 11):
<string>launchctl setenv SNC_LIB /Applications/;launchctl setenv SNC_LIB_64 /Applications/;launchctl setenv SSF_LIBRARY_PATH /Applications/;launchctl setenv SSF_LIBRARY_PATH_64 /Applications/;open /Applications/</string>

Depending on your screen size and resolution, you will probably have to horizontally scroll to the right for a bit until you see the "open /Applications/" command. Delete that command (the part in bold) and leave the rest as-is. The remaining line should look like this:
<string>launchctl setenv SNC_LIB /Applications/;launchctl setenv SNC_LIB_64 /Applications/;launchctl setenv SSF_LIBRARY_PATH /Applications/;launchctl setenv SSF_LIBRARY_PATH_64 /Applications/;</string>

Then press CTRL + X and Y to save and exit nano.

Next time to restart your Mac, SLC will not start automatically. You may have to repeat the above steps after upgrading SLC to a new version because the installer is likely to overwrite the changes you have made.
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